Toxic Love is a fictional line of protective clothing (PPE) designed for cosmetologists who are at risk of gynecological harm as a result of workplace hazards (toxic chemicals, fumes, etc). Along with the clothing line, I designed mock-ups of fictional beauty campaigns that at first glance look innocuous, but upon a closer look highlight the poorly regulated toxicity of beauty products. Finally, this project has a podcast that features four women in discussion about the garments and their impact on women’s health design. The design direction took inspiration from protective safety wear, BDSM gear and retrofuturism.
PROJECT ROLE(S): Concept, Creative Direction & Design. Podcast Production / Host
Fabrication:  Sara Khan
Audio Engineer: Wes Hutchinson
Podcast Composition: Alex Siesse
Photography: Walker Edleman
Project Consultants: Sparrow Fox / Hair Colorist, Lara Adler / Environmental Toxins Expert, Michelle Miller Fisher / Author of Designing Motherhood, Carol Downer / Feminist Activist & Civil Rights Lawyer, Dr. Lauren Demosthenes / Obstetrician-Gynecologist

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